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《破产姐妹》台词:损人姐妹极品语录双语, 金发衰女Caroline和吐槽女王Max可谓是“人贱人爱”的姐妹花。不过正是凭借着这一特点,两人才得到了广大观众的喜爱和认可。随着第三季剧集内容的结束,就让我们一同回顾一下这一季中二人的极品“贱”语录吧! 极品姐妹经典台词 1. And everybody hates everything with the exception,of angelina jolie,who is totally awesome。 每个人都讨厌所有的一切,但就是不讨厌安吉丽娜·朱丽,她人实在太好。 2. Sometimyou think the sky is about to fall down, you might be standing tilted! 有时候你以为天要塌下来了,其实是自己站歪了! 3. You can't always help who you are attracted to。 有时候人们就是会控制不住喜欢谁。 4. Why do you even have a phone if you're not gonna pick it up? 你要是都不接,你要来干嘛? 5. When you don't have enough money to fix your own mistakes, you've make your own magic。 当你没钱弥补你犯下的错误时,那就得靠自己创造奇迹。 6. How will you ever live with the shame? 犯下奇耻大辱,你以后还怎么做人呀? 7. Why are the hot ones always gay? 为什么长得帅的都是gay? 8. People who hate you, but can't kill you. That's what family is。 亲人就是恨你却又不能杀你的人。 9. If I have to strip, I have to strip。 君要臣脱,臣不得不脱。 10. Everyone's as judgmental as me。 大家全都爱吐槽。运动完左肩关节酸痛